Welcoming the new President of Rotary Club, Mr. Jothi Kumar

Robert Ingersoll, an American lawyer once said “We rise by lifting others”. My beloved friend, Rtn Jothi Kumar seems to innately abide by these words.

Jothi himself being a successful lawyer as well as a leading real estate dealer is thriving in his career. This however has not satisfied him with the purpose of life; rather he finds the true meaning of life by extending help to the needy.

He gathers all his time, dedication and energy to serve the needy every week, without fail! Serving over a hundred people every week, he quenches thirst and satisfies the hunger pangs of those who long for food.

How would that be to have such a generous heart as the President of Rotary Club of Madras Cosmos? And this ain’t an imagination, but will soon turn into a reality! Yes, Mrs Jothi is set to become the next President of the club. I wholeheartedly wish him best of luck to thrive as the President and serve more people in the coming days.