Use WhatsApp Group Effectively

WhatsApp – The first thing in the morning and last thing in the night for most of us see !! A technology that keeps all of us connected. We all are part of many groups from office colleagues to friends to social to schoolmates, college mates etc…

Anyone who is using whatsapp, is part of at least a dozen groups, seeing the same forwarded messages and videos that fills our minds and burning the time.

If you are a Businessman and want to focus on your business and grow, take this tips – Come out of all the groups, It is okay if few people misunderstand, it is okay to even loose them, do not loose focus on the business and burn all your quality time by forwarding some messages and filling your memory cells with unwanted junk information.

Just be part of groups which are official and those which directly or indirectly supports your business growth, you will see a lot more free time, quality time to think creatively on your business, you will feel like the world is with lesser issues and problems.

Never forward a message which you are not sure about the authenticity of the message, (even if they threaten you or force you to forward immediately to 12 people otherwise god will get angry etc…) God will not use WhatsApp and he will not get angry on you… Do not simply Forward the group messages…

Do not believe all the forwarded messages and react to it, and get into the mob mentality, which is not a good sign of a Businessman, who wants to grow.

There is neither universal good nor universal bad. As a Business man you are neither the lawyer to someone in the society nor the judge to say or point someone wrong.

As Businessman you have huge responsibility to make the world around you move ahead, you have the responsibility to make the people around you grow. By forwarding, complaining and judging a better world can not be created. Any action born out of right thinking of a good businessman will make the world a little better, by making the lives around him better.

Stay away from unwanted WhatsApp Groups ! You must Grow and along with you, the world will grow a little.