Republic Day at Government High School, Villivakkam

It really felt warm and energetic to address the gathering of children and parents at the Government High School, Villivakkam. I have attended a lot of celebrations and meetings (also as a member of The Rotary Club) at various places with my friends, family, colleague, neighbours, and others, but this celebration at the government high school is close-to-heart and special! It gave met the matchless opportunity to address the huge gathering of teachers and students.

Observing the speech by guest of honour at the event, I got to find one common aspect where everyone had the perspective of comparing children at this government high school with that of private schools and CBSE and Matriculation. And it is commonly reminded that the government school children are not on par with the private counterparts. This sparked the question ‘why do we celebrate?’ One of the most common reasons to celebrate is that it makes us happy!

Children at these government schools feel low about themselves. So ultimately, only when they feel better and happy, and stop comparing themselves with others, the children can fly to great heights. They need to celebrate each and everything in their lives. They should celebrate their parents and talk the good deeds of their parents to friends, of their friends to neighbours, of their teachers to parents. They should be taught to think big and inspire others and gain inspiration.

The more we celebrate, the happier we are and more capable we become. As you become capable, you will be able to achieve more. So, continue to celebrate until you achieve – that is the DNA of JB Soft System. We need to celebrate anything and everything and remain happy. With that, progress and growth shall follow as a byproduct.

J Sampath also never missed out to remind the four basic factors that form each one of our lives:

Matha – Right nurturing by mother

Pitha – carry forward the knowledge and wisdom taught by the father

Guru – removing your ignorance and shaping up you as a person with greater maturity and wisdom.

God – complete blessing.

He who has all the above factors fulfilled in his life shall be considered the most blessed, he concludes!