Organised Knowledge is Power

  • Knowledge is Power.
  • Knowledge is Strength.
  • Knowledge is Life…

Agreed. But Knowledge is only potential power…

Organised knowledge can only become the true power…

Assume a book with loose sheets not in order, unbinded, and the pages scattered, will you get any knowledge from the book? It is not even a readable book or reference material at that state.

All the spare parts of a powerful car just put together is not an usable car.

Just having a bunch of talents, not organised is just a crowd of people…

All the pages of books organised in order makes it as a book or reference material.

All the spare parts organised in such a way to direct power into motion is a car.

All the people organised and assigned with responsibility will only make the crowd of people as a team of experts.

Similarly, knowing 1000 things or knowing lot more than others may give a feel to us we are more knowledgeable than the rest. But the reality is not so.

Those who knows much less but has organised knowledge, achieves more than those who knows a lot but doesn’t have an organised knowledge.

When the known things are assembled and organised in such a way, the collective knowledge become the potent power, which can attract people, create money, bring success and growth to business.

So the pride is not knowing many many things but organising the few knowing things, connecting the dots, which makes you the businessman with Knowledge and Power!