Meet with Solvendhar Suki Sivam

One of the proud moments I cherish in the course of these many years is the short meet that I happened to share with the popular scholar Solvendhar Suki Sivam. The meeting took place at the orator’s own office where we discussed in detail about developing a portal for himself –

I’ve always got awestruck listening to his speeches that add value to our daily life. The motivation he triggers in the listeners is indeed incomparable. I have always been an ardent listener of motivational speeches and quotes that are life-changing and add gripping value to our daily being.

He is such a humble human being who instantly showered the warmth of his gentleness right with the smile he passed onto me at the first sight we shared!

I verily feel proud for having Mr Suki Sivam as one of the clients with JB Soft System which really triggers my determination towards providing better quality and show utmost importance to each of the tasks we handle!

He was also gentle enough to give his nod for taking a picture together. This will always remain close to my heart, as a symbol of those few minutes we shared during the discussion!