Knock off your weakness

You have reached where you have reached because of you. You have not reached where you can reach because of you.

The speed of train depends on the speed of the engine.

Find out what is stopping you, what is pulling you down. By knowing the things we don’t know, Greatness is not attained, Greatness is attained by doing what we know as right.

If knowing is still at knowing level and not at doing level, and not part of day to day practice, something is stopping you and pulling you down, which is your weakness.

It can be procrastination, it can be non-punctuality, it can be non organising, it can be non planning of the day, it can be too much of whatsapping or facebooking. it can be not taking care of health. it can be anything.

Organisations should not be affected by the weaknesses of the Leader.

Weaknesses can be knocked off with awareness, first be aware of your weakness and work on them, one at a time, one weakness dropped in a week, or in a month, soon you will be the cherished leader of the organisation.

Become part of knowledge groups, satsangs, network meetings, have mastermind groups among your friends and in the organisations. It will help you to be aware of the weaknesses in you, that awareness will lead you to drop it one by one.