Kabali – Magizhchi Kabali movie


Seen Kabali, Super star Rajinikanth’s movie in Abirami 7 Star. The Movie is really good with lot of entertainment and good message too… Before going to movie, people were saying the movie is not that good, and its not looking like Rajinikanth movie and its also another Don story like Basha etc…

If you go with open minded without any expectation, you will not be disappointed. Rajini sir at this age done great with lots of enthusiasm and style.

I am curious to know what made Rajinikanth to keep striving at this age and straining himself in fight scenes. I understood its not the age matters but the passion…

Though its U certified movie, the amount of violence and storyline, I suggest only adults to watch the movie.

Unlike the reviews we see, the picture is not bad and definitely you watch and enjoy.

Long live Rajini sir…All the best.