Have enough Manpower

Manpower makes an organisation powerful, in fact without people an organisation is nothing, I used to hear from my contacts as they have lot of works pending and lot of works to be completed in a day. Ironical is that they want to grow, and to grow, they have to do many things, but they don’t have enough time to work on them. They struggle with their growth because of less or no manpower to work with.

Your business might be small today, to grow you need people, recruit 1 or 2 and keep recruiting as the responsibilities grow and the business grows, having enough people in your team puts the team at an higher efficiency. Infact surplus manpower at the bottom puts the business in a progressive mode.

Not having enough people at the bottom makes the people at the top to come down and fulfill others’ responsibilities, so you paid a manager salary to execute a clerk’s tasks in the shortage or absence of a clerk, which is not a prudent approach.

Whereas if you have additional or surplus manpower at the bottom or entry level work, people will evolve and support the higher resources and responsibilities of the higher resource. Work will get delegated and get done, The manager’s part of work at clerk’s salary. Also the organisation sets people to evolve, Having surplus or more manpower helps the organisation grow.