Exciting Dinner with the Supreme Star Sarathkumar

The nation we belong to has many proud faces, leaders, teachers, and others who make us have our head held high while uttering the word ‘India’! Indian Flag is indeed inescapable from this list! The National Anthem, National Song and National Flag commemorate the struggle our leaders went through. It is this pride that we have recreated as human flags!
It was an awesome moment when the Rotary International Dist made a Guinness World Record. We made the World’s Largest Human Flag comprising of more than 50,000 people!
I, J.Sampath was the Communication Chairman which is certainly an awe position to be at. The excitement did not just end with the success and accomplishment of creating the ginormous human flag, but continued on with a dinner treat offered by actor Sarathkumar which really was an honor to all of us.
A delectable feast was offered at Taj Connemara by actor Sarathkmar where he appreciated and honored the incredible effort to make such a humongous pattern of human flag. I happened to get a chance to share a frame space with the star and the image is posted on this blog for you to have a glimpse too!

sarath2     sarath1