Checklists make you more efficient

From family to business we have heard; “Ah! EB bill not paid?”, “Forgot to pay the Insurance renewal”, “Forgot to maintain the battery of Inverter”, “Forgot to service the car”, like this many forgets make the life misery. Same is the case in an organisation where people easily tend to forget simple things and when it hits, it causes many issues.

Like you maintain your personal reminders, your to do list. List all the repeated tasks let it be keeping your wash rooms clean, servicing any equipments, payments, collections, training employees and whatever it may be. Create it as a list.

Once the list is ready assign to someone and mark the frequency like whether it`s daily, weekly, monthly or annually etc. Then filter it and create individual checklists and share with the respective employees, Google spreadsheets will be very useful to this.

In our organisation, we use 450 plus checklists for each and every tasks that repeats in nature and easy to forget, we will make it in the list and assign to respective persons. From housekeeping activities to pooja oil availability, drinking water availability to AMC of computers, air conditioners, renewal of domains, renewal of premiums, utility payments, etc. Everything is taken care.

Even the technical teams specific tasks like backup, protections, security scanning, website maintenance, social media maintenance and updations, all governed by checklists.

Checklists keep check on all the necessary things to ensure the growth and success of any individual and the organisation.

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