Are you a Cash rich Businessman?

Cash rich gives different meanings. Having lot of cash to spend, Having lot money as cash, Having enough money to do whatever we want, whenever we want.

But here the cash rich means, The money that you have should be available for your use. Many businessman, lock all the available money in stock, assets, investments. Cash is the king in business, Having enough cash, liquidatable cash, makes you more powerful in negotiation, it makes you more comfortable, keeps you in clarity to take decisions.

People do business in lakhs and crores sometimes struggle to clear few thousand rupees, Basically a simple budgeting and little prudence in managing funds makes you cash rich, cash rich ensures the good cash flow. Good cash flow enables you to honor the commitments all the time, Honoring commitments gains the greater reputation in the market and the industry.

It`s not the balance Sheet, your net worth, your assets that keeps you powerful all the time, but the cash rich state and a healthy cash flow makes you a powerful businessman anytime.