An Energetic Meet with Spirited Business Minds

I felt overwhelmed to take part at the Business Networking Meeting that was planned and organized by the Rotarians.
Mr. Rajendran Dhandapani, Founder of Zoho was the Key Note Speaker. In his speech, he articulated the different kinds of business tools. This meet up gave me a wonderful opportunity to explain my business vertical amidst leading Business Rotarians in Chennai.

“You can never get a Second opportunity to make the FIRST Impression”

That was the crux of my speech during the event! One could never get a second chance for making their very first impression! So, what makes the very first impression about your business? That is undoubtedly your online presence encompassing Website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. All your customers, prospects, employees, vendors, and associates get to know about your business basically through your online presence of which your website is of prime importance. As the proverb goes: Face is the index of mind, I would revise it for businesses as this: “Website is the Face of any Business”. It is your ‘website’ that ultimately gives the right perspective and understanding about your overall business.

I then went on explaining about JB Soft and our business services including Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, inter alia. And I never missed to share about our thriving Live Chennai portal that receives whopping 1 lakh+ views and counting! This really did put everyone on awe!

The session was a really useful and productive one. A picture of me addressing the gathering is seen above.