2019 Named as YTCM

The DNA of JB Soft System is “Enable, Achieve, Celebrate”

Master Mahatria says Feelings, Thoughts and Action are a cycle, one leads to another. Similarly the days like New Year celebrations enables us with a lot more newer possibilities with fresh thoughts towards the vision.

As we learnt from our source, a thought will not come in your mind without the power to achieve it. Carefully nurture the thoughts, enable yourself to achieve.

Take this New Year as an opportunity to remind yourself one more time – Glory is in the days ahead!

Wishing each and everyone connected with us an Amazing, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

My Master Mahatria named this year as YTCM – Year To Challenge Myself! He asked us to go beyond the imaginary finishing line, challenge the comfort zone and break it open!

With his presence, whatever the situation, howsoever the challenge, will it be challenging ??
oh! No… Its only an Experience with thy presence!